Help! I’m Addicted to Pinterest!

Oh my word.  Pinterest totally sucks me in.

But I don’t pin pretty clothes or decadent recipes or 40 ways to have strong abs.  Nope, I’m pinning teacher stuff.

Lately, my addiction has focused on classroom organization, but I also have found a lot of pins with ideas on how to teach a variety of things: close reading, using better vocabulary in writing, grammar drills that I don’t have to write or grade — all kinds of stuff.  Here are just a few things I’ve been exploring:

NoRedInk is a free website that allows students to practice grammar with sentences based on their interests.  It looks like there aren’t a ton of categories right now, but I am hoping it will expand without having to pay for it.  You can set up different classes and students log in with a code.  You assign an exercise for all or part of your class, and they do it via the Internet.  The site grades it for you, and you just have to check the scores.  The great thing about this is that the teacher does not have to come up with all the questions, which can be very time consuming.  I will definitely be exploring this more.

This blog post gives a handy acronym for students to remember how to have good voice in writing.

I got some good ideas for orgainizing and decorating my classroom from this page.

This graphic shows the “Fist to Five Check” which I used a lot last school year to get a gauge for how my students understood a concept.

What cool things have you found on Pinterest?  (If only I could earn professional development hours for the time I waste spend browsing teacher ideas!)


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