I Feel Like Willie Nelson

You know that song Willie Nelson sings?  “You’re Always On My Mind”?

Yeah, that goes for my students.

I keep having dreams about them.  I’m taking them on a field trip, or they are (inexplicably) firefighters putting out a fire at my sister’s house.  Sometimes other teachers from school are in the dreams, too.  Sometimes there are people from my family.  Sometimes it’s just me and the kids

Also, I’m continually thinking about school.  What kinds of things I’ll try next year.  What supplies I need to purchase.  Whether the fact that the movie version of one of my novels is supposed to come out in August will change the way that I teach the book.

I’m reading a book called Bringing Words to Life: Robust Vocabulary Instruction by Isabel L. Beck, Margaret G. McKeown, and Linda Kucan.  When I finish that, I’ll move on to other books about teaching.  I’ll pore over the new textbooks I ordered.  I’ll work on a year-long curriculum map.  As I have mentioned, I’m spending the summer reading young adult fiction, all the time considering whether I would recommend this book to any of my students, and if so, which ones.

Students, you are always on my mind.  You are always on my mind.


One thought on “I Feel Like Willie Nelson

  1. I remember doing the same throughout the summer.That is why I didn’t quite agree with those who claim that teachers have the whole summer off.

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