July Panic

I think it happens every July.

The realization that Oh My Gosh School Starts Again Next Month.

Yes, I realize that I have six weeks left of vacation.  Still, somehow turning that calendar page to July always freaks me out.  I start to worry just a little more that I might not be ready, that my lessons are still too much in flux.  And this year, add to this that have new state standards AND new textbooks to figure out.  I have supplies to purchase (because our school no longer buys anything for us — not paper, not tape, not chalk or markers — nothing) and since I don’t get paid in the summer and we just bought some property that needs a lot of work, I don’t have extra cash lying around.  And I need colored paper, a three-hole punch, an electric pencil sharpener (because I had mine replaced a year and a half ago but it already doesn’t work… and I was promised a new one by the end of last school year and it didn’t happen, so I don’t know if I will have a new one for the new year or not), and probably some other things that I put on a list in May and have since misplaced.

So July brings with it thunderstorms, hot temperatures, fireworks… and the need for a deep calming breath.

Am I the only one?


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