Bad to Better

I cried today.

I knew my prep hour was going to be taken by a 504 meeting on a student.  A half hour before school would be taken by a newspaper meeting.  Students were meeting in my room after school for an hour to work on a project.  I had to type up minutes from a meeting I was in yesterday after school, and I had no idea when that was going to get accomplished.

And then I got an email letting me know that half of my lunch period would be taken monitoring a lunch detention.

That was when I cried.

Then during first period, my students were giving persuasive speeches.  Several of them talked about how middle school students should have a longer lunch or a study hall or a recess or a free period.  One of them said, “That way we could get our homework done.  After all, teachers don’t have homework.”

I snorted.

All the students turned and looked at me.

At the end of the student’s speech, I encouraged him to tell all his teachers that teachers don’t have homework.  And they would all laugh at him.

It is too early in the school year to feel as tired as I do.

But the 504 meeting was canceled, so I had a prep period after all.  And those eighth grade boys who stayed after school to work on their project worked really hard and I was so impressed with them.  They didn’t goof off at all, which is pretty amazing for an hour’s work with four thirteen-year-olds.

So I breathe deeply and hope tomorrow holds no tears.


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