Quotes of the Day

Some of my students are very funny. Often, they don’t try to be. Several times this year, a student said something that tickled me so much I had to make it a Quote of the Day.

My speech class was giving impromptu speeches. One girl had to speak on the topic of pie. As her conclusion, she warned her classmates away from silly romances because a boyfriend or girlfriend might desert you. But, she asserted, “Pie will never abandon you.”

I have new textbooks for my language arts classes. We also have workbooks, and I was having one of my classes tear out the pages in the workbook. I had thought the pages were perforated, but I was mistaken. Some of the students were complaining that the pages were too hard to tear out. One of my girls exhorted them to try harder and not grouse. After all, she exclaimed, “Not everything in life is going to be perforated!”

Seventh graders seem to have a million questions. One day I was answering question after question. I called on one boy who I thought had raised his hand. He told me he hadn’t intended to be called on; he explained, “I flatted a swy.” (Swatted a fly.)

I love teaching middle school.


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