School Closings

Monday night, it snowed about six inches, and on Tuesday, school was delayed by two hours.  Wednesday the temperatures were below zero and the wind chills were around twenty below, so school was closed.  The same situation occurred Thursday, with very cold temperatures and wind chills resulting in school closing.

I was remembering all the Little House books I read when I was younger (and re-read every couple of years).  Once when Laura was teaching, the temperatures were extremely cold.  Teacher and students all walked to school, some as much as a mile or more, breaking a path in the snow.  Because it was so cold, Laura allowed the students to gather by the wood stove to study so they could be warmer.  After lunch (which had to be thawed on the stove), Laura went to the corner of the room farthest from the stove, and when she saw that she could barely see her breath, she instructed the students to return to their seats.

And I thought, boy, are we wimps or what?


2 thoughts on “School Closings

  1. It does seem crazy… Perhaps it’s just money-saving so they don’t have to run the furnace (but, don’t they make up the days in the summer & have to use the air conditioner?).

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