Teacher Dreams

Each summer, as the school year approaches, I have teacher dreams. These usually involve me being completely out of control of my class. Once, someone had rearranged all of my desks and I had three different seating charts and wasn’t sure which was the right one and I couldn’t take attendance. Another time, one of my own school classmates had to re-take 8th grade English, and she was in my class. I’ve had dreams where an administrator was observing me and one of my students would not stop singing during the observation. I’ve dreamed that one of my best, kindest students was being incredibly mean to everyone and I had to send him to the office. There was the dream where kids were rollerskating down the hallway, and I was about to stop them when I thought, “Wait. Are they allowed to rollerskate? Is there actually a rule that says they can’t?” This time, I was trying to line up my seventh graders in the hallway and they refused to be quiet and I had to tell them, “Seventh grade! Put a hand over your mouth because you obviously cannot be quiet otherwise!” And one child refused to put on his shoes.

Thankfully, my actual school experience is rarely this difficult.


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