Two Week Panic

Two weeks left of vacation.

I have done my best to rejuvenate myself this summer, and I know that I have not been super successful.  It is only in the last week or so that I’ve been able to let go and stop thinking about school… just in time for it to start up again.

Panic begins to set in.  I know it will all be fine.  It is always fine.  But I worry I won’t be ready, that my plans won’t be good enough, that I’ll fail to grab their hearts and minds the first week.

And so what if that happens?  Students will see that I’m human and I don’t have everything figured out.  They’ll watch me struggle and push through, just like I want them to do when they aren’t prepared or don’t understand.

When school resumes, I’m going to be more tired than I want, and maybe less prepared.

But it will be ok.


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