Staffing Changes

A colleague of mine was just elected mayor of his small town, so he’ll be leaving our school at semester break.  I’m stoked for him; this is his passion, and he is so excited.

I’m also really sad.  He’s a great teacher and a fun person to be around.

Besides that, I feel like I’m still not over the departure of another colleague a couple of years ago; I just haven’t clicked with her replacements as well as I did with her.

Still other colleagues are nearing retirement — one probably this year, another one or two a couple of years after that.

And then, I heard a rumor that our assistant principal — the best administrator I’ve ever had — may not stick around long.  After all, he’s great at his job, and he has a long drive each day.  Surely some school near him will want to snatch him up as soon as there is an opening.

Friday I was feeling mopey.  The A.P. asked me what was up.

“Everyone’s leaving me!” I wailed.

Hyperbole was strong in me on Friday.

He commiserated, but when I brought up the rumor that he may go elsewhere soon, he assured me he wasn’t looking to leave.  That was a little bit of balm to my soul.

The reason I have loved where I work is partly the kids and the families, partly the small size of the school, partly the classes I teach.  But another big part is my colleagues.  I’ve worked with great people, and I get along well with most of them.  Still, work is always nicer when there is at least one person with whom you can truly be friends.

I hope that, with all the staffing changes, people come in who are at least as fun as the people who are leaving.


One thought on “Staffing Changes

  1. Interesting. I’m remembering your initial feelings of “not connecting” with your colleagues that first year, and wondering whether you should move back to Yorktown opportunity. Glad you stuck it out. Relationships take time.

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