I had an epiphany earlier this week.

I had become a complainer. And it was making me grumpy. And I didn’t like myself.

At the beginning of the school year, I had kind of isolated myself from complaining colleagues. Then they stopped complaining so much, so I started hanging out with them more. But then they swung back the other way, and I was picking up their bad habits.

So I made two decisions. First, I was going to attempt to gracefully leave the room when the complaining started. Second, I was going to stop verbalizing my own complaints. (I’ve found that if I don’t say it, then eventually I’ll stop thinking it as well.)

This week has been so much better! I have not been as grouchy, I’ve liked my job more, and I’ve liked myself more.

The flip side is that I don’t really have anyone to hang out with much. But I think it’s better to be on my own than to become someone I don’t like.


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