My students are so funny. On Friday, my eighth graders were talking about something strange, and I said, “You guys are weird.” One of the girls replied, “We’re weird? You’re the one who’s a teacher at this school!” (Ha. She had a point.)

A little later, I projected some paragraphs on the board which we worked together as a class to re-write to make them better. I had made some marks on the paragraphs with my dry erase markers. When we finished, I turned off the projector, but the marks were still on the board. The students began talking about what kind of picture the marks looked like – an egg or a hexagon, and so forth. One boy said, “It looks like a face.” The girl who told me I was weird said to him, “You look like a face!” When I gave her a look, she laughed and said, “I’m awesome with comebacks today.”

She put a smile on my face.


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