Nearly Over

The school year is almost over.

Well, not exactly.  But as I was thinking about planning, it started to feel like it.

There are three weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks.  If we get snow days this year, they’ll probably come in January.  At the end of February, we’ll have our first round of state testing because our spring break is the first full week of March.  Then March and the beginning of April have several three- and four-day weekends for snow make-up days if we need them. The end of April brings the next round of state testing, and then May is the last month of school.

I’m trying to figure out how to fit in Romeo and Juliet for my eighth graders.  I used to do poetry in December, and then the play in January, but all the snow days ruined the continuity of Shakespeare’s work.  So this year, I thought I’d save poetry for January, and then get to R&J after that.  Until I remembered testing and spring break.  Ugh.  Maybe next year I should save my short stories unit for January.  I’m finishing that up now, and wondering what I’m going to do between that and Christmas if I don’t start poetry.

The seventh graders are just starting a unit on myths and folktales.  Will that last until Christmas?  Can I start The Giver in January?

And all the writing!  My honors students just finished R&J, and I’ll set them to writing an essay about it right after Thanksgiving break.  I’ve been making them do Weekly Writing, and now that the end of the semester is approaching, I will have them choose three pieces they have written since August and write a reflection on them.  And I’ll need to grade all that.  Plus, if I have my seventh graders write a folktale as I usually do, I’ll need to read all those as well.

Ack.  I’m glad I’ve had three good weeks of bringing home no schoolwork.  I suspect that’s about to end, at least for a while.

And the school year is slipping away.  I hope the kids are learning as much as I’m trying to teach them.


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