The First Week Back

I mistakenly expected that on the first day back from winter break, my students would be sleepy and lethargic. I forgot that instead, they would be excited to see their friends and chatty about what they got for Christmas and what they did over vacation. It wasn’t until Wednesday that the change in sleep schedule started to get to them. Everyone was glad when Friday came.

During that first week back, the seventh graders reviewed types of phrases and started The Giver, the eighth graders finished poetry in preparation to read Romeo and Juliet, and the honors class jumped into a research project. I did not feel prepared most of the week (even though I was probably more prepared than I felt) and unfortunately I had to bring work home over the weekend – something I had avoided for about a month prior to break. I spent about three hours on Saturday writing my third quarter newsletter, grading papers, recording grades, planning lessons, creating discussion groups, and emailing parents of students who already have missing assignments.

The school year is over half done now, and I know the rest of the semester will fly. We’ll have standardized testing (bah) in about six weeks, then Spring Break, and after that, teaching looks less like imparting knowledge to eager young minds and more like herding cats.

But for now, I’m just relieved to have that first week finished.


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