Middle School Humor

In the fall, I was talking to a pre-service teacher who was interviewing me for something — I don’t even remember what.  The young lady mentioned to me a technique one of her English teachers had used when the girl was in high school.  It was so great for middle schoolers that I had to steal it.

I now tell them to PEE in their paragraphs.


E=Evidence (or Example)

E=Elaboration (or Explanation)

The idea is to remind them to include details and support for each point they make.  They got a huge kick out of it.  (“I’m going to go home and tell my parents you told me to PEE in my paragraph!”)  Even better is that for their prewriting, I used a graphic organizer called a Hamburger Model.  (The top bun is the introduction, the body paragraphs are the meat of the essay, and the bottom bun is the conclusion.)  So then they loved it when I told them their homework was to PEE in their Hamburgers.

And when state standardized testing came around, oh how they loved the idea of PEEing on their ISTEP tests!


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