A look forward to the coming year

scenic view of beach

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Ahh, summer vacation.  Sinking my toes in the sand, lying out in the sun, and ignoring every school-related thought that tickles my brain.

Haha.  Not really.  In truth, I’m taking a class for my Master’s program, rethinking lessons and units, planning some professional development for my school, and preparing to do some research with a professor at the university.  While some days it feels overwhelming and I wish I could just Stop Thinking Already, these things are actually fun for me.

My ideas for the coming school year include tweaking (again) how I teach grammar (I’m investigating mentor sentences), and working on developing a culture of reading in my classroom.  Related not only to my classes but to the teaching profession in general is the research I’ll be doing with my university colleague.

I’m not going to say too much about any of that now.  It’s summer vacation, people!  I’m going to go relax and enjoy!  But I’ll be back in August with my plans and ideas.


One thought on “A look forward to the coming year

  1. Vocation: when what you love to do meets a real need in our world.
    I think you found it!
    Looking forward to hearing more details or what your future looks like.

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