An analysis of a school year

August: Meeting students, getting the hang of things.

September: The excitement of a new year runs out, we start to settle in.

October: A really good month of learning.  We know each other and the expectations.

November: Weather’s colder and grayer, and everyone looks toward Thanksgiving break.

December: Two weeks between Thanksgiving and winter breaks when nothing gets done.

January: Snow days and weather delays.  Grouchiness about being back in school.

February: Snow days and weather delays.  Standardized testing at the end of the month, and practice tests before that.

March: A decent month of some good learning, after spring break is over. (My school has break the first week of March.)

April: More practice tests and another round of standardized testing.

May: Field trips and convocations and counting down to the end of the school year.

June – July: Planning for August.

Is your school year similar?


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